Dzüleke – A Tranquil Paradise

Dzüleke – A Tranquil Paradise

Tucked away in one of the corners of Kohima District in the Indian State of Nagaland, lies an enchanting little village surrounded by pristine forested hills and a magical stream Dzüleke that lends its name to the village. Dzü means water and Leke means underground in the local Angami dialect.

About 40 kms from the capital city of Kohima, it is easily accessible by road. One can hire local taxis or take the help of the various tour agencies that seem to be mushrooming of late. Though it would be far cheaper to have a vehicle at your disposal.

Every season has something to offer to visitors – the winter months are extremely cold but waking up to the beautiful sight of frost covered landscape is bound to take your breath away. Summer/monsoon can get pretty wet due to incessant rains and some stretches of the roads will be hard to navigate but it is still an adventure in itself. Spring and Autumn are probably the best months to visit if you want a comfortable trip.

Enjoy a picnic beside the stream or get your supplies for a cookout with friends. If you wish to stay overnight, you can even opt for a homestay run by a few of the locals and indulge in traditional fare or get a bit adventurous by setting up an outdoor camp beneath the starry skies.

Whenever you choose to come and whatever you choose to do, be prepared to be awed by the pristine beauty of this hidden gem.

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